The Redneck Cabster was chosen as the 2007 NSRA Giveaway car.
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Take a closer look at this new model and you will see many little tricks. The idea behind the design concept was to give the car a totally fresh custom look, yet still retain the classic looks and traditional lines that have made this body style timeless. Subtle changes include re-designed hood lines. The hood sides follow the lines of the cowl rather than swooping forward like a traditional 33'. Also the hood top follows the windshield line straight across the cowl rather than the traditional "V" hood line of Henry's original 33'. The Cabster is fitted with a three window coupe length doors. This gives the car a longer and lower appearance which also gives way to a larger cockpit area than normal roadsters. These larger doors open further than traditional roadster doors on our awesome Redneck style hidden hinges. In the cockpit you will find sweet alterations to the dash. The car was designed with a cool wrap around dash loosely based off 32' style dash. The dash smoothly moves from the dash to the upper, inner doors.

Other features that make the Cabster Cool:
Cowl mounted wipers
Rounded trunk corners
Built in angled steering column floor mount
Built in A/C & Fuse box mounts
Built in mounts for door actuators
Unparalleled Redneck Strength

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