Redneck Street Rods use aviation-quality raw materials created to withstand high heat and remain free of waves, blemishes, blisters or distortion. Our competitors often use general-purpose resins, which can result in many problems, particularly for dark colored vehicles. However, the Redneck body you buy today will be the same body you have 30 years from now, regardless of the color you choose.

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1932 ford running board stregnht demo
supre strong 32 Ford body strong 1933 Ford door and trunk hinges

Our bodies start with a solid foundation of a full 10-layer thick floor that is smooth on both sides. Between the two smooth outer surfaces is a special material saturated with resin and sandwiched between our fiberglass. This not only helps produce the strongest floor available, but also serves as an excellent insulation. This is similar to the floor of a new C-5 Corvette. Although this fiberglass reinforcement is labor intensive, we think it’s far better than including wood (which can twist, turn, expand and contract) or steel (which does not bond well with fiberglass due to differing expansion and contraction rates). By using compatible materials throughout the build, the structural integrity of Redneck reduces cracks at stress points such as the trunk corners, near door openings or around the windshield.